Wi-Fi Marketing Tool For Venues

we connect you with your customers

to your FREE WI-FI network
that allows for a dialogue with customers at a new level, your customers will talk about you on social networks and open the world of social marketing.

How it works and what you will get
Free Wi-Fi
Integration of the Free Wi-Fi portal with your brand as well as social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, SMS, and so on.
Collect customers database
Use our service to keep and enlarge your existing client base. Get in touch with your customers through social networks.
Promote your offers
Let your target audience has an access to the latest news of the place. Moreover, have an opportunity of sending an invitation for celebrating important events such as birthday parties or anniversaries.
Customers feedback
Improve your online visibility by having more likes and reviews with the help of social network resources (Tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte, LinkedIn). Increased Tripadvisor rating, forward movement to the top of the list.
Get more customers
Get automatic live online advertising on social networks Word of Mouth marketing — a personal honest recommendation of a product, service, or brand.

Improove your existing marketing promotion
Get more Like check-in and reviews on social networks. Build a fan community. Go directly to your target audience.
About us
-We love good food, beautiful places, social networks and marketing
-We've graduated from Universities, and have successfully assisted a variety of different businesses with their startups
-We've developed software for mobile carriers
-We arranged concerts
-We carry out marketing
-We are friends with restaurant and clubs owners
-We understand the business needs of our clients
We've developed a comprehensive business plan, and are currently on the market with Connect Now, to assist you with all of your business needs.
We can set up Connect Now for you, and help you to promote your restaurant, club, hotel, festival, or even your private clinic.
Our satisfied customers
Restaurants, clubs, cafes, bars, festivals, open-airs, museums, and so on.
Why cooperate with us
Software with no language barrier
Connect Now recognizes the language and displays the information in your customer's device language (Czech, English, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese). The communication with the customer is thus easier and more straightforward.
Unlimited data volume
We offer a mobile social Wi-Fi internet access (for festivals, taxis, sporting events) with an unlimited data volume
You save
We are direct developers and retailers of Connect Now software and services. So you pay just the actual price of the service, without any additional fees for mediation. You get a product that we can change and adjust to your needs.
Safety and GDPR Law solution
We have your data kept safe. We are a company providing a protected Wi-Fi network. You can even easily and securely connect your payment terminals to our routers.
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choose one of our packages, reflecting your venue's demands
Free Trial
for all
FREE/14 days
-1 Hotspot
-1 Router
-1 welcomepage with slideshow
- Authorization with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, Email, SMS
from 199 €/month
Business Tarif
- Photo/Video content
- Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tripadvisor)
- Email marketing
- Online advertising (Facebook, Google Ad words)
- Web development & SEO
- Chatbot (Facebook Messenger) for restaurants & other venues (food delivery, payments by card in a messenger, FAQ & so on)
Our contacts
We are looking forward to giving a complete information about our service. Please feel free to contact us.
VIP L.E.O., s.r.o.,
V doline 1515/1c,
Prague 10 - Michle, PSС 10100,
Tel: +420 775 166 030
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